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Cardlytics are an advertising platform in banks’ digital channels. Through purchase data, we can see where and when customers buy both online and in-store. We use these insights to identify opportunity, target real people within their bank, and measure the actual sales impact of our ads. With over 20M UK bank customers available for insight on the platform, we help brands drive incremental sales and grow market share. In 2008, Scott Grimes and Lynne Laube were bankers who understood the power of purchase data – if only it could be harnessed.

With insight into the regulations that financial institutions face, they designed a bank and privacy-friendly solution that would also serve as the foundation for marketing technology and analytics. In doing so, they linked two major industries: banking and marketing. And Cardlytics was born. Banks integrate our ads to help customers plan where they’ll spend and save. Customers engage with the ads to earn cash back and see them as a valuable perk for using their bank’s debit or credit card. When weighing whether to buy from one store or another, relevant, targeted offers delivered through the Cardlytics platform act as that critical tipping point to influence purchase decisions.


Through our partnerships with banks, we have insight into actual bank transaction data for over 20M UK consumers. We see 1 out of every 4 card swipes in the UK and analyse this data to develop actionable insights based on a complete understanding of where, when, and how people buy.
Absolutely no personally identifiable information (PII) is passed between Cardlytics and our bank partners—it’s all anonymous. With powerful AI and dozens of analysts taking a fresh look at where and when customers buy both online and in-store — we answer questions that inform business decisions. For example, where are we gaining or losing share? Where else do my customers spend? And are my loyal customers really loyal?

Click. Shop. Earn. To get cash back, customers simply activate their offers, then buy online or in-store. When they purchase, their bank automatically deposits money back into their account. It’s simple for marketers too. Just tell us the campaign goal, and we do the rest. It’s a pay-for-performance platform where we manage everything from ad copy to paying customer rewards. There are no hidden fees or production costs.

Why Us

Through our partnerships with banks, Cardlytics has a complete view of consumer spending habits. We’ve built an exclusive native ad platform in banks’ digital channels where we apply our Purchase Intelligence to:
• Identify opportunities and develop precise marketing strategies based on where, when, and how consumers buy.
• Deliver targeted offers in a fraud-free, brand-safe ad channel where marketers can reach real people as they’re planning where to spend and save.
• Measure campaigns’ incremental sales by connecting ads to actual store purchases, both online and in-store.
Using a best-in-class test vs. control methodology, Cardlytics withholds a representative control group to make apples-to-apples comparisons between the spending patterns of people who were exposed to an ad, and those who were not. As a result, Cardlytics can measure the incremental impact that ads within our channel have on sales.

By offering a cash-back program to banking customers, our FI partners can enjoy increased card usage, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduced customer attrition and churn. Cardlytics never receives any personally identifiable information (PII). We host key aspects of our technology within our bank partners’ secure firewalls and only access the information needed to inform campaigns. All campaigns are based on fully de-identified bank data. This enables consumers to receive a best-in-class targeted advertising experience without sacrificing privacy.

And the experience is seamless for consumers too. They can review and activate cash back offers after logging into participating bank’s online or mobile app. Once an offer is activated, consumers can shop at the selected brand using their bank’s credit or debit card and check out as they normally would. No codes or coupons necessary, and they can redeem both online or in-store. Cash back will then be automatically deposited into their account.

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