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Catalina is one of the UK’s leading, trusted voices on multi-channel shopper activation.

Catalina was the first business to deliver personalised offers based on real-time customer purchase behaviour. Today, 40 years later, we continue to lead the way, now operating across digital channels, as well as our in-store media hub which delivers hyper-personalised content where retailers and consumers need it most.

Catalina is a customer activation business working with some of the World’s leading retailers to drive genuine long-term shopper loyalty. We deliver personalised messages and offers that engage shoppers in the right place, at the right time, wherever they are and however they shop. We do this by harnessing the power of retailers customer data, applying our advanced algorithms and solutions in order to create personalised offers. These messages are delivered to customers whether they are in-store with Catalina’s network of coupon at till colour printers, through e-commerce or other digital channels. Our clients trust us to create hyper-personalised, tailored, creative and innovative communications that positively impact their bottom line.

Our team comprises of a range of experts who have a deep-rooted understanding of retail and how shoppers behave. We’re part of a global network that brings together innovative leaders who are curious, creative problem solvers and have a passion for understanding shopper behaviour and developing long-term loyalty.

Catalina Shop & Play

Shop & Play presents a unique opportunity for Retailers and Brands to drive conversion, increase profitability & deliver incremental sales, in a cost effective way.

The current cost of living crisis is putting pressure on consumers, brands and retailers making it harder than ever to strike the balance of creating a meaningful customer experience whilst driving positive ROI.

Look no further… Shop & Play is the answer!

Shop & Play transforms the complexity of big data into simple, impactful & playful activations.

We build a dynamic profile for every customer continuously learning and adapting to changes in real time, enabling us to predict customer behaviour & optimise each interaction.

Through seamless integration to the shoppers’ online journey, we serve each shopper a personalised banner giving them the opportunity to play and win, when they fulfil their unique purchase requirements.

Retailers and brands benefit from incremental sales uplift of +20%, increased conversion and positive ROI, without having to discount the price of a single product.

And for those retailers looking to unlock incremental investment thought their retail media networks, Shop & Play presents an opportunity to monetise your data and leveraging brand funding.

Shop & Play: Immersing shoppers in an exciting and personal, digital experience, that delivers value and creates memorable moments.

Over 8,000 brands and over 125 global retailers trust Catalina to drive sales and shopper loyalty.

1. We understand retail – we’re experts at what we do and some of the UK’s biggest retailers trust us to help them deliver engaging and effective shopper engagement activity that impacts their bottom line. The UK retailers we work with have been using our expertise and personalised solutions for almost 30 years, to drive long-term shopper loyalty. That’s because we train our teams to truly understand the retail environment and the shopper journey – on and offline. As a result, we’re well positioned to help shape the recovery of retail in a post pandemic world.

2. We continue to innovate – on and offline. At Catalina, we’re known for our print-at-till loyalty option (colour coupons at check-out), that can generate significant value for retailers, but we can offer so much more. We deliver exciting and engaging, connected omnichannel solutions, and we are proud of both our in-store and digital offering. With omnichannel a focus for retailers and brands, Catalina help you deliver a seamless cross channel experience. For E-commerce pureplay retailers, we deliver innovative gamification solutions to excite and engage your customers and keep them shopping, increasing conversion rates.

3. We get to the very heart and soul of consumer behaviour to deliver smart, hyper-personalised solutions that communicate with the right people at the right time, to drive loyalty and deliver results. Our solutions are effective because we know that no two shoppers are the same and everyone has unique shopper habits – we have the capabilities to understand and interrogate this behaviour. We deliver real-time solutions that treat individual shoppers meaningfully, and with purpose. Those solutions have a proven track record of positively impacting some of the UK’s biggest retailers’ bottom line.

4. We offer a fully managed service allowing you to focus on your retailing operations. We understand that in-house development requires significant IT capital expenditure, takes time, and requires people capital to build processes to develop and run the capability. We have this all under control for you. Outsourcing this capability to Catalina will be a fraction of the cost, at lower risk due to a world class proven stable technology platform and processes, plus a pool of highly experienced expert colleagues to maximise the utilisation of this technology. We do the heavy lifting!

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