Gold Partner

epay manages a wide range of prepaid solutions and modern payment transactions through a network of POS terminals and cloud and SaaS-based applications including technical integrations, full settlement and reporting services, and comprehensive marketing and merchandising support. In total in the UK we have the largest retailer footprint with over 30,000 locations with a global retailer footprint of over 330,000 locations
Some of these solutions and business relationships include:
• Partnerships with the world’s leading brands (Apple, Google, Spotify, Sony, Microsoft, and more) to manage the distribution and payment services for their digital content to consumers
• Vouchers and physical gift fulfilment services in Europe.
• Physical branded and open loop gift card distribution and processing services for brands such as Just Eat, HTA and Totally Well
• Reloadable debit cards
• Digital code distribution and redemption for gaming and other services.
• Mobile top-up
• Retail money center management solutions
• Employee incentive programs
• eCommerce solutions
• Digital wallet integrations, loading, and payment processing
• Solutions for contactless and alternative payment sources (Alipay, etc.) and authentication methods (QR codes, biometrics, etc.)

Solution Type
Card Processor, Retail Gift Card Program