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We are the low-cost all-in-one Wellness & Rewards Platform where we put your employees and customers at the very heart of your organization, and reward their loyalty.
Pineapple Nation opens the door to a plethora of exclusive discounts, spanning across health and wellbeing, online and high street shopping, hospitality, travel, leisure and entertainment. We also offer exclusive motoring discounts previously only available in fleet management services. Imagine being able to save up to 30% on all car servicing, MOTs and repairs. Plus further savings on everyday fuel costs.
With Pineapple Nation, investing in your employees and customers has never been easier. Our online products and services are aligned with some of the biggest and most respected brands, adding extra appeal to any existing benefits package.
But it doesn’t stop there. We’re not just about savings; we’re about overall well-being and creating a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable workforce. Your employees and customers can instantly access a wide range of services designed to support mental health & wellbeing, financial health, and physical health. Our personal GP services remove long waiting times and prescriptions are delivered direct to your door. Access over 70 online GPs who are there for you to book appointments for you and your family, advise and guide you and ensure any prescriptions are available and completed on the day of appointment.

Five Great Products in One Simple Low-Cost Membership:
1. Pineapple Savings, where members save on their day-to-day expenses. There are hundreds of the UK’s best-loved retailers to choose from, both online and instore. Our friendly UK based customer service team are available to guide members through their online portal, helping them to make their savings go even further.

2. Pineapple Wellness, provides members and their family direct access to doctors and prescriptions without the long wait times and delays. Our aim was to offer our members, empowerment through communication, and with access to over 70 dedicated health professionals we’re able to provide access to a doctor from anywhere by phone or email.

3. Pineapple Cashback, enables members to link their card and immediately start earning cashback on purchases at hundreds of the UK’s best-loved retailers. Our cashback partners are spread across categories including gifts, travel, fashion, utilities, health and beauty, home and garden, insurance, finance, electronics, and more!

4. Pineapple Motoring, your no stress, vehicle maintenance taken care of. Designed to combat two of the main issues that drivers are faced with, the ever-increasing cost of car maintenance, and the uncertainty of knowing whether you’re being overcharged or agreeing to unnecessary work. We save our members up to 30% on MOTs, car servicing and repairs.

5. Pineapple Education, as part of our ongoing commitment to education and personal development, our online hub has a vast selection of FREE courses and support tools, available 24/7 to all eligible members.

Our members choose Pineapple Nation for the unique diversity of our products and services. Put simply, you ALWAYS pay less with Pineapple Nation. Our aim has always been to offer the most diverse savings and discounts platform which goes far beyond gift cards and shopping vouchers. This is why we’ve added our personal family GP services, our motoring savings platform and FREE access to recognised qualifications for all our members.
Through our established partnerships we’ve made accessing all five services simple, under one low-cost membership. Members simply login in with their own unique login details and within minutes can instantly access the most competitive discounts on the market. We set ourselves apart from our competitors and track the savings our members make. This ensures our members are always getting value for money on not only the big treats in life, but the everyday essentials to support the increase in the cost of living.
Last year our members saved on average £298.50 a year and unlike other discount services, we’ve broken this down further for transparency:
 Members saved an average of £81.90 on car servicing & MOTs
 Members saved an average of £180.23 on Highstreet and Online Shopping
 Members saved an average of £36.37 when Dining Out
Not bad savings for an annual membership of £51.99 per year. And this year we’ve gone even further by adding our Personal Family GP & Wellness Services, together with our Free Online Qualifications, all for the same price.

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