New Webinar – The Psychology of Rewarding and Gifting Ourselves by The Gift Club and Merit Incentives

25th April at 3pm GMT /  10 ET

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“Self-gifting and rewarding ourselves is probably misunderstood or underestimated by most consumer brands and companies globally, while self-care is the new motto. During the pandemic, self-gifting has been used by isolated individuals as a coping mechanism.

How can companies include it in their strategy on employee retention, customer acquisition and shopping habits? Would it differ from one country to another?”

  • Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO, Merit Incentives

These are the questions we will explore during this exciting panel session.

Many thanks to our panel confirmed so far:

  • Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO, Merit Incentives
  • Kathy Heath, CEO, Healthy Minds Club
  • Dr Simon Moore, CEO and Chartered Psychologist, IB, The Behavioural Strategy Agency
  • *more panellists to be confirmed soon

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About Merit

Founded in 2016, Merit is a leading global engagement technology company offering enterprise and SaaS platforms to 1,000+ companies with a reach of 70M+ end-users across the world. The team has created multiple no-code, white-label platforms that facilitate customer and employee engagement through various reward programs such as gift cards, coupons, points, and experiences. Today, Merit has developed a global merchant network of 5.5K+ brands in 150+ countries which gives its clients an unparalleled depth of reward options with a global reach.


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