The eGift Card Myth: How outdated stigmas may be holding your brand back

by Rob Chambers


We’re all too familiar with the narrative that gift cards are a less than ideal present, often seen as last-minute and impersonal.

As a leading global eGift Card platform, Prezzee has changed the game with eGift cards that give options, ease and personalisation for consumers and businesses across the United Kingdom, Australia, The United States and New Zealand.

We’ve reimagined the art of giving by making digital gifts an emotionally-driven experience for the giver and receiver.

Let’s take a look at four common digital gift card myths and flip them to highlight how they could be your brand’s next tool for increasing customer base and sales.

Myth 1: Gift Card platforms don’t attract new customers

Retailers have the opportunity to tap into new customers through Prezzee, creating a wider reach and raising brand awareness away from their own online communities.

Our B2B platform Prezzee Business, opens up brands to the lucrative sector of corporate clients with big and small businesses using eGift Cards to reward, incentivise, and carry out marketing or research programs. We’ve seen a large uptake in feel-good gifting with people craving experiences that bring enjoyment and light during what continues to be a difficult period.

Increasingly a variety of e-commerce and retail platforms have also recognised Prezzee’s expertise in the eGift Card space, using our ‘Wall of Cards’ for their own gift card platforms, creating even more new customers for brands.

Myth 2: Customers aren’t buying gift cards

Consumers don’t like digital gift cards? Think again. Since launching in 2014, Prezzee has sold over 12.8 million eGift Cards globally with no signs of slowing down.

We’ve seen an acceleration in digital-first innovations following periods of lockdown where consumers we’re unable to shop or give presents in-person. Digital gifting has become the go-to for celebrating special moments and milestones from afar.

While consumers might be spending more time at home, it doesn’t mean they are free of the constraints of time. As a digital platform, Prezzee is the perfect time-saver for the busy consumer, offering a free, contactless and user-friendly way to shop from home.

Myth 3: Gift Cards are impersonal

While digital experiences have become the new normal, that doesn’t mean eGift cards fail to provide a personalised present experience.

Prezzee offers a range of options to personalise the gifting experience, such as adding a video or audio message to create a custom greeting message for the recipient.

Whether it’s a solo rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ or a throwback photo, these considered touches are what makes a memorable and unique gift experience.

Businesses can also customise their eGift cards with a co-branded design, featuring their logo, and greeting messages to send to potentially thousands of employees, partners or research participants at once.

Myth 4: Gift cards aren’t a sustainable choice

With sustainability at the top of mind for many consumers it’s never been more important for brands to follow suit.

eGift cards are not only a safe contactless gift, but an environmentally friendly gift choice that requires no plastic or paper. As a business, Prezzee has saved over 64,500kg of PVC plastic and 264,000kg kg of CO2 emissions.

From a corporate social responsibility lense brands recognised for their sustainable product offerings are able to align their brand ethos with Prezzee.


Think eGift Cards could be the next big thing for your brand? There’s never been a better time to get in touch with Prezzee. With Christmas only a few months away, there’s still time to get onto our platform before the biggest gifting period of the year.

Contact to find out how Prezzee can help your brand drive revenue, increase brand awareness and reach more customers!


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