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Capillary Technologies is the global leader in customer engagement and loyalty solutions. Founded in 2012, Capillary has been the loyalty standard and is setting a new blueprint for the industry. With the recent acquisitions of loyalty consulting titans Brierley+Partners, combined with Tenerity’s rich network of their rewards ecosystem that Digital Connect enables; Capillary truly offers the full suite of end-to-end intelligent loyalty solutions (Loyalty+, Engage+, CDP+, Insights+ and Rewards+). Acknowledged and recognized by Gartner and Forrester as a loyalty expert, Capillary and its 700+ professionals, serve over 400 brands in 30 countries, reaching 1Bn+ consumers on the platform and processing 5Bn+ annual transactions.

We’re pioneers of managed SaaS, offering the best-in-class loyalty technology platform with expert services. Our platform consists of Loyalty+ (increases customer retention efficiently), Engage+ (personalized customer communication), Insights+ (in-depth analysis with automated reports) and Rewards+ (extensive global rewards network), all sitting on top of CDP+ (a CDP that contains AI/ML insights, customer engagement and loyalty trends). The combination of our technology with best in class consulting, strategy and digital services is unmatched.

The agency model is old, outdated and costs a fortune to partner with. Our combination of SaaS, consulting and digital services is a massive differentiator for Capillary. Our key differentiators include:
Robust Technology Solutions – Our platform is highly configurable, providing the flexibility to adapt and meet the ever changing needs of your business and customers.
Consulting & Strategy Services – Brierley, a Capillary company, has created, managed and consulted loyalty and CRM programs with unparalleled success for many of the world’s most popular loyalty programs.
World-Class Digital Services – We have a team of experienced digital experts who design and execute first-in-class digital and experiential engagements.
AI-Powered Consumer Data Platform – Our CDP powers the platform and connects data (known & unknown members) at every touch point – unifying data to create a 360 single view of the customer.

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