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CarltonOne is an international purpose-powered engagement platform that creates B2B recognition, customer loyalty, rewards, and sales/channel incentive programs. With the goal to make every moment matter, we offer Power2Motivate — a customizable enterprise and SMB engagement solution; Global Reward Solutions — a global supply chain enabling customized AI-personalized storefronts of over 10 million rewards across 185 countries; and Kart — a free shop and save benefit for employers. Each of these solutions fuels CarltonOne’s Evergrow sustainability mission to fight climate change with a unique eco-action business model that will fund the planting of 100 million trees every year by the end of 2024.


We help some of the world’s smartest companies create meaningful, purpose- powered employee recognition, loyalty, incentive and reward experiences. From one advanced technology platform we operate these products:

Power2Motivate helps companies inspire the desired behaviors of their employees, and reward the transactions of sales teams and end customers, with customizable design. With P2M you can create powerful programs for Sales Incentives, Channel Incentives, Customer Loyalty, Employee Rewards and Recognition, MDF & Rebates, Years of Service, Staff and Employee Savings Programs and more.

Global Reward Solutions is the world’s leading cloud-based reward management platform. It eliminates the complexity of rewards management and gives members instant access over 10 million high-value brand merchandise and digital rewards (gift cards, prepaid cards, mobile top-up) in more than 185 countries. GRS enables your engagement program to offer fast, local reward delivery with best-in-class 24/7 customer service.

Kart is our future-friendly way to shop and save on all the brands the world loves. Kart offers over 100,000 daily deals on the latest fashion, gadgets, kitchen appliances, toys, beauty, travel and more across the US, Canada and the UK.

Evergrow — funding millions of new trees every year. We have designed a unique business model that converts member actions on our platforms directly into climate change funding. This Evergrow eco-action model is being applied now across all our products, across all our markets. We have already funded 17 million trees, and are well on our way to funding 100 million trees every year by the end of 2024.

Why Us

CarltonOne is a recognition and reward technology company with purpose. We build the world’s most trusted platforms for B2B talent recognition and performance incentive programs. Our tools are used by thousands of companies in 185 countries to inspire over 5 million people every day. We help some of the world’s smartest companies create meaningful, purpose-powered employee recognition, loyalty, incentive and reward experiences. Here are are a few of our core points of difference:

Customer Success
Our Customer Success team will work with you to develop your program and ensure you are achieving all your program objectives. They are experts at identifying areas of growth and will work with you to implement any new initiatives to further drive engagement.

Speed to Market
Being a SaaS based platform, our speed to market exceeds that of our legacy competitors. Our average time to launch a program is 12 weeks, from the initial implementation and scoping meeting, through to building in metrics and KPIs, to ultimately launching the platform to your members.

Speed of Administration
We can make adjustments and changes to the program far quicker than most providers. As our projects and solutions teams are in-house and are supporting your customer success team, rolling out changes is quick and easy.

System Improvements and Innovation
CarltonOne releases new features and platform enhancements based on user feedback and best practice. New feature releases are communicated to our clients and are always free of charge.

Cultural Relevance
A global team with a local approach, ensuring that we deliver a culturally relevant recognition and gifting experience for the employee no matter where they are located. We only work with in country vendors to ensure rewards are relevant to that market and we provide value to team members.

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