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Prezzee is a leading global eGift card platform, who’s digital gift card solution is changing the art of gifting. It enables people and businesses to buy, send, store and redeem digital gift cards instantly.

The Company was founded in Australia in 2014 when Co-founders, Matt and Claire, had their ah-ha moment when Matt forgot his physical plastic gift card at home, while out shopping in Bondi, Sydney.

Since then its been Prezzee’s mission to disrupt the gift card industry, and change the art of gifting. Making it simpler, more personalised and a fun experience for both the sender and recipient. Following all their success in Australia, Prezzee is now operating in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and is set to delivery over 1 billion gift cards this year globally.

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Prezzee's digital gift card solution is changing the art of gifting, enabling people and businesses to buy, send, store and redeem digital gift cards instantly.

Prezzee has 4 solutions

Prezzee Classic –
A consumer facing (B2C) digital gift card marketplace

Prezzee Business –
A platform where Businesses can reward teams, say thanks to clients and incentivise customers with fast, customised digital e-gift cards sent in bulk, in a few minutes.

Prezzee Campaigns
A solution that helps Businesses reach their credit card, loyalty acquisition, activation, and retention goals, while saving up to 30% of their marketing costs by only paying for those who activate their card.

Prezzee Marketplace
Through an API connection, Prezzee provides businesses with a while label digital gift card marketplace that they can offer to their customers. A solution Prezzee currently provides to all the major Buy Now Pay Later companies.

Prezzee is a leading global eGift card platform that has reimagined the art of gifting

We make it easy for consumers and businesses to buy, send and receive digital gift cards in just a few clicks. Founded in Australia, Prezzee has expanded to the United Kingdom, North America and New Zealand, and is projected to deliver over one billion gift cards this year.

A key part of this growth can be attributed to Prezzee Business, our B2B platform, designed to make rewarding teams, thanking clients and incentivising customers a seamless and fast experience.

Prezzee Smart Card
The Prezzee Smart eGift Card gives the gift of choice, ensuring customers and businesses have an abundance of options at their fingertips. One card that can be used to swap for a range of top brands, such as John Lewis, ASOS, UberEats and Amazon.

Customisable Gifting
Design a customised and co-branded gifting experience, with the option to add a company logo or a personalised greeting message. We ensure that every part of the Prezzee process is 100% tailored to your personal and business needs.

Send eGift Cards in Bulk
Every Prezzee Smart eGift Card can be sent directly to inboxes in bulk or individually, at no extra cost.

Campaign Tracking
Create, send and track your marketing campaigns directly through our Prezzee Business portal, which offers real-time analytics, visual dashboards and activation links that are customised for your business.

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