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Innovative Payment solutions and program management, powered by cutting-edge technology and designed to generate engagement.

We are proud to have earned an outstanding reputation for our entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to innovation & agile development, and delivery of effective programs for some of the world’s most successful brands in retail, travel, technology such as GAFA, vehicle manufacturing, dining, and more.

At SELP Digital we are devoted to helping brands stay ahead of the curve. Our team is passionate about understanding client’s business needs and designing powerful programs to reach their goals by delivering exceptional, customized prepaid solutions. And with six decades of expertise, companies on every continent rely on SELP Digital to help them:

• Create Brand Awareness
• Spark Engagement
• Drive Acquisition
• Generate Incremental Sales
• Improve Retention
• Inspire Emotional Loyalty
• Empower Consumer Spending


OUR EXPERTISE: Increase sales, Create long term loyalty, Boost online and in-store traffic.

• INCREMENTAL B2B SALES : proactively generate bulk sales

• LOYALTY INCENTIVES &REWARDS: gift cards are the most effective form of customer engagement, and loyalty rewards.

• FULL-SERVICE PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION: end-to-end management of gift & prepaid card programs.

• SECURE E-COMMERCE STOREFRONT HOSTING: Enjoy secure hosting and real-time delivery of digital gift and prepaid cards, vouchers, coupons, and more.

• PHYSICAL PRODUCTION: exceptional physical production services through our industry-leading SELP-owned facilities.

• ROBUST INDUSTRY ANALYTICS: visibility into the analytics behind proven “Best Practices” for optimizing strategic program management.

• CONSULTING SERVICES: My Gift Card Manager enables brands to focus on their core business, while SELP Digital tackles the day-to-day program management necessary to tap into the full revenue potential of gift & prepaid cards.

Why Us

We are passionate about understanding our client’s business needs and designing powerful gift & prepaid card programs to reach your goals by delivering exceptional, customized solutions.

INCREASE SALES > 80% of consumers spend more than the face value of a gift card.
GENERATE LOYALTY > 70% of consumers cite loyalty program benefits as critically important to winning their lasting loyalty.
ENGAGE CUSTOMERS > 69% of companies worldwide use gift & prepaid cards to reward and recognize their target audience.

We look forward to working with you to navigate the exciting world of gift cards!

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