Offerz Brings New B2B Rewards Platform to DACH Market

By Dominik Megert, Managing Director at Offerz


On 24th October, we proudly launched our B2B white-label platform, suitable for both customer and employee reward schemes. End-users are sent a unique code that is swapped for an eGift of their choice from our catalogue of over 80 popular brands. Payment is only taken for eGifts that have actually been redeemed. We are pleased to have welcomed our first client on board, and to be in conversations with multiple others who are already using our standard Offerz proposition. By switching over to the new platform, these users will enjoy a more automated rewards experience.

The first of its kind in our home country of Switzerland, the platform has been built using a modular system, to allow our clients the ultimate flexibility to tailor their requirements and expand when necessary. Blocks of functionality can simply be added or removed to fit the budget and use case.

Most of the experience is fully automatic. A simple click to generate a code before sending to the end user is all it takes to produce an on-the-spot reward or incentive mechanism. Scheduling is also possible, which allows the auto-generation and send of codes to a defined contact list on any given date. Codes can be distributed via SMS or email, and there is a print-ready option if the need arises.

As with any white-label product, clients can add their own name, logo, and colour palette. Our signature personalisation options are still present, with the ability to add video and messaging to all comms. Fully bespoke builds allow a client to set up a vanity URL on their website domain with IP forwarding to the Offerz server. The rewards catalogue can also be tailored to fit with end user preferences.

Pricewise, there is a small set up fee followed by an ongoing monthly subscription. The cost is based on the number and complexity of the chosen modules. Clients can expect the subscription to start at around 200CHF per month.

In 2023 we will introduce new modules and functionality.

Employee engagement

The full service for employee rewarding. Import all employee profiles and choose when to trigger automatic rewards for birthdays, long service milestones, and holiday seasons. Choose the value of the code for each trigger and define the retailer catalogue accordingly.

Multiple user accounts mean that anyone with the ability to reward within a business can control their own send and scheduling. Alternatively, share a list of codes with managers to distribute as on-the-spot rewards.

Customer loyalty and acquisition

Customer acquisition is made simple by incentivising a particular product or service with the offer of a reward post-purchase or following a probationary period of use.

Customer loyalty schemes work in much the same way as the method described for ongoing employee engagement. Simply import customer details into the platform and configure the triggers that will send out unique codes. The only maintenance needed is to upload or delete contacts as required.

Client case study

Our first client live on the platform is a famous bank in Switzerland who wanted to incentivise an uplift in acquisition of the Gen-Z cohort – those now coming of age and taking control of their own finances – to choose a particular product as their main bank account.

The bank wanted to restrict the rewards catalogue to the brands that would be most valuable to this audience. Via a survey, it was determined that the retailer eGifts most popular with this age group were IKEA, Decathlon, Cinema Vouchers and many more.

At the time of writing, the scheme had been live for three full weeks with many codes redeemed daily. The bank is pleased with the results so far.

If you’re a gift card provider or distributor, we want to talk to you!

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