Toucan Wallet for Ponti’s Italian Kitchen – Now Introducing Digital Ordering and Takeaway Service

Lockdown 2 will not hold Ponti’s back from continuing to provide fabulous food
using a Covid-Friendly and convenient digital ordering and takeaways service to its loyal customers!

The Toucan Wallet has been white-labelled in Ponti’s brand livery.

On the surface, it delivers the table stakes of a good loyalty program:

1. Convenience. The program is really easy for customers to join and use.
2. Value. Unlike some other solutions Ponti’s has tried, the solution offers tremendous value, not least because it is so economical to run.
3. Insight. The program provides information on customer activity that Ponti’s could not derive from transaction data only.

But below the surface is where the Toucan Wallet begins to outperform other loyalty solutions.

Because there are so many loyalty programs to join and so many are already digital, the problem of wallet bloat has moved from the pocket or bag to the phone.

Toucan solves this problem. The customer has the convenience of installing just one app and every participating merchant has their own branded wallet within it where they can issue points, bespoke rewards, gift cards, and digital receipts.

Pre-COVID, Ponti’s had two card-based programs, one for coffee and one for wine. They recognised that both did not add the value they hoped for their customers, nor the insights for them, even in simple terms like how effective the programs were in driving repeat business or acquiring new.

There was certainly no scope for cross-fertilising the two schemes, an important requirement when considering the toucan Wallet as a solution.

The wallet can be further customized like Ponti’s have done so that the merchant loses none of their brand presence like they would joining other coalition schemes like Nectar in an attempt to overcome the issues of liquidity.

Toucan solves the liquidity issue by providing a facility for customers to swap points with other users. Users end up with the points they really want, all points retain higher value, and merchants get additional insight into the swaps activity of their customers.

Everyone wins.

Insights are derived from this enriched activity data set and used to create bespoke, personalised offers that are delivered via the app, keeping customers engaged.

Swap offers are notified to the customer and geo-location is also used to target offers.

All of this is delivered via the apps instant messaging facility, with the additional support of conversational chatbots so that the customer does not feel like they are being marketed to.
In the future, there will also be video chat for remote consultation or customer service and integrated payments solutions.

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