Unlocking the Possibilities of Co-Branded Metal Card

Whether you serve an affluent audience or the everyday customer, communicating quality and trustworthiness is essential in inspiring brand loyalty and engagement. Metal cards are proven to be a desirable and tangible touchpoint that keeps customers connected to the promise and story of a brand. Metal cards are a vivid reminder of a brand’s story and reinforce a brand’s value and personality in the minds of customers. It is an opportunity to offer unparalleled features across different channels:
  • Payments: Metal cards can facilitate financial or loyalty transactions in open or closed loop systems.
  • Access: NFC technology can unlock vehicles, spaces or admission to events.
  • Emotional Connection: It can be an exciting token to impart a feeling of premium exclusivity.
  • Security: The secure element protects customers’ sensitive data.
  • Speed: Whether used as a payment or an access device, NFC enables near-instant transactions.
  • Durability: CompoSecure’s card design techniques ensure that your brand’s image gracefully endures normal wear and tear.
These highly sought-after cards can be crafted and customized to support a brand’s style and functionality design-wise (e.g., design consulting, engraving, high-end surface treatments, laser or drop-on-demand signatures), with size and shape options (a standard card, a key fob size or a custom size) and other special features, such as dual interface, contactless only, payment or access, closed-loop, open-loop and security validation.
Whether for automotive, event, travel and hospitality, or other industries, metal cards can be used for a variety of purposes beyond just payments. For example, a premium co-branded card can take the fan experience to the next level for events, while simplifying the cardholder’s visit to the stadium. The innovative card is not only a ticket. It’s an all-in-one access pass for season ticket holders and VIPs:
  • Enjoy easy access to event grounds and exclusive areas
  • Pay for parking
  • Buy food and beverages
  • Purchase merchandise
Season ticket holders can pay for the privilege of being part of an exclusive fan club. The perks and rewards that come with a co-branded metal card designed with their team logo will only enhance the experience for them at the point of sale. A recent example of a successful co-branded metal card program is with an iconic motorcycle brand with a loyal customer base. The card is a tangible representation of the valuable and exclusive benefits available to its members. In addition to its functionality, the card’s branding serves as a physical reminder of the company’s products and services, keeping the company top of mind for cardholders, who not only invest in vehicles but also its merchandise. First-rate branding and sophisticated materials make this a metal card that inspires future engagement and purchases while keeping brand awareness top of mind. Another use case example of metal cards’ distinction is how best-in-class luxury vehicles also demand premium access. A co-branded metal card provides vehicle owners with superior technology, security and convenience. Using the latest in NFC technology, metal cards enable effortless vehicle access with just a tap. The card also can be programmed with advanced tech that can securely store unique customer information. The metal cards are crafted with superior materials that match the vehicle’s sophisticated aesthetics. The cards can be customized with company branding and designed to represent the multiple classes of a company’s product offerings. A metal card is a status symbol that slips easily into your wallet. Consumers will pay a premium for brands that grant them access to superior technology and customer experiences. And, most importantly, metal cards are an extension of a brand that can keep it top of mind with customers. CompoSecure and Burgopak, packaging experts, have teamed up to offer premium metal veneer card sample packs available to The Gift Club members upon request. Ask for your premium card sample now and experience the metal.


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