Press Release: UK Brands’ New Ally in Customer Loyalty- Capillary’s Managed SaaS

Capillary Technologies, the global leader in customer loyalty, continues its global expansion as the company extends its presence and expertise throughout Europe. With the recent acquisition of Tenerity’s Digital Connect Assets and a commitment to serve the unique European customer, Capillary is poised to revolutionise the loyalty market across Europe.

This strategic expansion, rooted in London, represents a major milestone for Capillary as it extends its focus to serve a broader array of industries. The new vertical expansion includes:

– Banking & Financial Services
– Telecommunications
– Insurance

With the introduction of Rewards+ to its product suite, Capillary now offers a complete end-to-end loyalty management solution for enterprises across all industries. 

The Capillary platform’s suite of products – Loyalty+, Engage+, Rewards+, Insights+; are all AI-enabled and sit on top of our powerful consumer data platform that has touched more than a billion end customers and has offerings with learnings from implementing more than 100 global enterprise loyalty programs.  Reach out to Capillary today or email us at to learn why over 400 global brands and marketers trust Capillary.


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