Empowering Women in the Incentive and Loyalty Industry Join WIIN – Women in Incentives

At WiiN, we are passionate about empowering Women in the incentive and loyalty industry, so much so that we established WiiN, which recently launched and is going strong.

At WiiN we have two distinct membership options. These are: Membership and Associate Membership.

  • The WiiN membership is aimed at the Female C-suite level, Founder, Owner or similar within the Incentive and Loyalty industry. This is where the super experienced industry guru’s are found.
  • The WiiN Associate membership is aimed at those ladies who are steadily building their careers within the industry and are passionate about wanting to learn and grow as much as possible. These Associate Members will already have notched up some significant experience and will benefit enormously by joining WiiN
  • Members who become a WiiN member in 2020 pay 199€/225$ until the end of 2021, and so benefit from a few free months.

Why join WiiN?

  • Network. Access to internationally acclaimed Founders who have glowing track records in the industry.
  • Boost. Improve your confidence, expand your knowledge and generate new opportunities.
  • Share. The ability to tap into the WiiN network and seek out like minded women who can help with growth and knowledge.
  • Profile. Increase your industry profile, network and engage with key industry practitioners. Collaborate with like minded women who can help with growth and knowledge.
  • Engage. Discuss topics that are relevant, timely and business critical.
  • Innovate. Explore new ways of thinking and operating in the Loyalty and Incentives industry

If you believe that you fit one of our categories, please join us! Apply for membership at: membership@wiin.global. We look forward to welcoming you.


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