Women In Incentives (WIIN) – Meet a Founder, Debbie Ghillino

This week we talk to Debbie, one sixth of the founding team at WIIN


Debbie’s bio

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer of The Incentive Company, Debbie Ghillino has worked in the industry for 24 years working with some of the top incentive companies in South Africa. Debbie also worked in the UK for 7 years.

A founding member of the Middle East and African chapter of the IMA, Debbie has been published numerous times in the South African Loyalty and Incentive industry.

Debbie was the President of the Global Incentive Council based in the USA during 2014/15 and is a frequent speaker at industry events, including the Incentive Marketing Association conferences in the USA.

Debbie is based in South Africa

How long have you been in the industry?

 I have been in the industry for 24 years

What made you want to co-found WiiN?

 I was delighted at the opportunity to champion women in the industry and the fact that it was on a global scale was really exciting, as an opportunity to build a better incentive world

Tell us about your wish for WiiN?

 My wish is that we improve the industry through collaboration and sharing of our own experiences as well as grow the next generation of incentive leaders.

Why should people join WiiN?

 It’s an incredible group of amazing ladies who want nothing more than to build each other up and grow towards improving the incentive industry

About WIIN

At WiiN, we are passionate about empowering Women in the incentive and loyalty industry, so much so that we established WiiN, which recently launched and is going strong.


At WiiN we have two distinct membership options. These are: Membership and Associate Membership.

  • The WiiN membership is aimed at the Female C-suite level, Founder, Owner or similar within the Incentive and Loyalty industry. This is where the super experienced industry guru’s are found.
  • The WiiN Associate membership is aimed at those ladies who are steadily building their careers within the industry and are passionate about wanting to learn and grow as much as possible. These Associate Members will already have notched up some significant experience and will benefit enormously by joining WiiN.

Members who become a WiiN member in 2020 pay 199€/225$ until the end of 2021, and so benefit from a few free months.


Apply for membership at: membership@wiin.global




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