Profitability Driven Through Personalisation

Aligning the right message, at the right time to maximise conversion is marketing efficiency and retail leaders understand this. Consumers want purchasing experiences, and that includes personalised offers that speak directly to them. But with most retailers offering a price matching initiative, personalisation is being diluted and consumer loyalty is being impacted.

Recent data* has shown that nearly three-quarters of shoppers (72%) are more likely to shop at a supermarket that provides personalised offers, and 69% are more likely to choose a brand because of it.

With inflation continuing to rise and impacting the cost to serve, the investment and focus on everyday low price and price matching is creating noise, and this approach is not sustainable long term.

We delved into the reasons why.

*Sponsored by Catalina Marketing UK

Your host was Hadie, Founder of The Gift Club, joined by panellists:


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