The REAL Cost of Recruitment

The cost-of-living crisis is now in full swing and very real, the UK is slipping into recession and potentially experiencing the worst financial depression in 30 years, with the cost of fuel, groceries, taxes and everyday spend overtaking wage increases.

Before looking at the cost of recruitment, it’s vital to first consider staff retention. A whopping 63% of employees said that they would hand in their notice in order to accept a role that provides better financial support. So, employers must provide benefits which have a tangible impact on the quality of life for their staff, whether to retain or attract new talent. Join Hadie and fellow panellists as they discuss the hidden costs associated with employing and retaining staff that are often forgotten such as benefits, rewards and investment in the employee experience.

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Your host Hadie, Founder of The Gift Club, joined by experienced “people-focused” guests for panellists and confirmed are:


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