CEO Soapbox: An Interview with Managing Director of Catalina UK, Premal Patel

Shopper Behaviour and how Savvy Customers are Challenging the Value of loyalty

Our Founder, Hadie, meets VP and Managing Director of Catalina UK, Premal Patel in this casual chat about shopper behaviour and how savvy customers are challenging the value of loyalty.

“Loyalty has been around for over 100 years but it is now about the faster pace of delivering loyalty and rewards . When a customer doesn’t have to do much and gets a reward, thats the ultimate ambition.”

They also talk about how Catalina has a “we do what we say” work culture with values created by the team which have paved the way for Catalina’s recent Best Place to Work awards.

Premal says “We have a relentless focus on diversity, equality and inclusion. To get the best knowledge, the best brains, the best talent.”

So…. great tech, fab employer and strong leader. What’s not to like about Catalina UK?

Listen to this 12 minute light hearted conversation. Sit back and enjoy.