Founders and CEOs podcast: Their Why, Their Will, Their Way with Nohelia Rambal, Founder and CEO at

“I created a website and went to market in one day”

“My constant listening is the biggest impact I make in my business”

“In times of stress, I try and flow through it to build up my resilience”

Listen in:  Our founder Hadie, chats to marketing and loyalty entrepreneur, Nohelia Rambal. She’s the Founder and CEO of who has a real passion for social impact, especially equality. Hadie and Nohelia talk of life before and after immigrating, bringing a background of marketing in different cultures to London to something that has a positive impact on society. From working for free to waitressing and not knowing a single person in the UK, Nohelia remained confident that she was going to achieve things and her persistent self-belief only enriched her chances for success. But it hasn’t always been easy and there are still things she could learn…….