Founders and CEOs podcast: Their Why, Their Will, Their Way with Paul Wickers, Founder and CEO of Huggg

A frank heart to heart about what it’s really like to be a Founder and CEO – no bullshit here!

Paul was brought up in Lancashire and as a boy was totally obsessed with airplanes.  So much so that all he ever wanted to do was be a pilot.  After they refused his application in flight school due to poor eye-sight, Paul found refuge in apathy as a late teen and really  struggled through his teens to find his new goal in life.  He founded Huggg when he had lots to lose and everything to fear!  Paul talks to Hadie about how the perception of the CEO is different to what it actually is and describes how the default position of a startup is ‘dead’ but finding a brilliant team is the one success any founding CEO should strive to achieve if they really want to make it.

Will Paul ring the Nasdaq bell?  We’re keen to find out but in the meantime, if you are a new founder, listen to what his best advice would be for any CEO in their 2nd year of trading and uncover some of his personal preferences –  does he prefer socks on or socks off?