Founders and CEOs podcast: Their Why, Their Will, Their Way

With Simon Moyle, CEO at Vivup

“Teach children there is no normal or a path they should take”

“You’ve got to accept failure is part of the course as a CEO”

“I’ll always try to back the underdog”

Listen in: An 18 minute dialogue with Simon about his rise to leadership and the traits that set him on the right road to success. We start by walking through his modest but happy council estate childhood, watching his parents work super hard every day to give him and his family as much as they could including memorable campside holidays in Inverness. Despite struggles with dyslexia, Simon’s natural ability to develop people was noticed early on in his career at 21 years old and after many promotions, he found the skills needed to build a business from 17 employees to 135 in 4 years with exceptional results. We talk about teaching his children fundamental principles of being nice and finding happiness and how hard work and being individual and unique is all they should aspire to be.