Partner Podcast: How to Execute a Quality Customer First Mentality

An interview with Prem Patel, VP Managing Director, Catalina UK

Our Founder, Hadie, brings back Prem for more of his thought leadership on loyalty and customer engagement in this 25 minute podcast full of practical advice! 

Listen In: They talk about how a customer first mentality has a positive effect on clients and their end users and what retailers need to do to ensure customers are made to feel they are THE most important part of their shopping experience. Prem offers first class advice on actions businesses and leaders can take right now and demonstrates this through his ‘ACE’ model . And in the last 5 minutes, he offers 5 ‘non-negotiables’ that organisations should invest in if they really want to provide a truly customer focused experience.

“To be a truly customer centric organisation, it starts with the right culture”

“You need a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and various interactions across the organisation”

”If you don’t invest in shifting your organisation towards the customer, I believe businesses will lose”

You can contact Prem here or connect with him on LinkedIn here

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