Partner Podcast: Human connectivity through gifting can have a powerful impact on how we feel in today's upside-down world

An interview with James Malia, President - Europe, Prezzee

Listen in:  An easygoing, fun and thoughtful chat with the man who built and leads Prezzee UK and Europe. Hadie picks James’s mind on the importance of partnerships, uniting growth mindsets, creating human connections, the impact of the events of today’s world,  early Christmas adverts and his projections for 2024.    

“Gift Cards are the mechanics we use to create human connections “

“In Prezzee, we try to avoid using the word gift card and avoid looking at the industry set market of 7 billion value.  We should be focusing on the 20-25 billion and what that could mean to retailers, consumers, agencies, loyalty programs and employee benefits”

“We want to partner and help other businesses be better using our growth mindset approach with our bit of kit”

“There’s so much going on in this world that is having a direct impact on people’s emotions and finances”

“Loyalty is a growth area as people become more creative”

“We should be celebrating the right kind of financial spending rather than encouraging any kind of spending”

You can connect with James on LinkedIn here

Or visit Prezzee’s website here.