Partner Podcast: Navigating a start up gift card business

An interview with Todd Tomlin, Co-Founder and COO at Ncentiva

Listen in: It’s not an easy feat to start a business, let alone,  in an already saturated market.  Our Founder, Hadie,  speaks to Todd who is successfully navigating his way through technology, recruitment, investment, marketing and leadership as he catapults Ncentiva to life. They talk about the beast that is ‘technology’ and finding A-grade remote talent to serve a global client and supply chain – both of which have been his biggest start up challenge. When asked what advice Todd would give to other Founders, his answer was profound.  They also talk about Todd’s career working for Mickey Mouse!

“Finding a good, well-gelled team has been my biggest challenge’

“My most important job is to make sure everyone has the tools they need to push them forward.”

“Founders shouldn’t be secretive. They need to talk, learn and gain knowledge every step of the way”