Partner Podcast: Personalisation of digital products in DACH

An interview with Dominik Megert, CEO, Offerz

Our founder, Hadie, spends a neat 10 minutes with Dominik, The Gift Club’s youngest CEO.

Listen In: Founder of Offerz, Dominik has been navigating the digital gift card and product industry for 5 years and being a Swiss citizen there are challenges! Switzerland has an old currency, is small with four languages but the opportunities are huge for the region. Dominik talks shop on eSIM cards, personalisation, online payments, B2B, multi-brand vouchers, choice & accessibility, cats and lasagne!

“Many brands in the region still don’t have a digital offering so there are huge opportunities for digital gifting.”

“In Switzerland, many customers now have access to pay with online payment cards which is a big change in the region.”

”Personlisaition is our next move, but we aren’t quite there yet.”