Partner Podcast: Poignant Moments Of Our Gift Card Journey And How Digital Payments Are Sweeping The Middle East

An Interview With Husain Makiya, CEO of YOUGotaGift

Listen in: An educational and uplifting chat that brings Husain’s 10-year reign at YGAG to life. Acceptance of the concept, major cross-border business challenges and finding the right talent were among the challenges of delivering a digital gift card to the Middle East.  A decade on, gift cards are seen as a necessary marketing tool for brands with YOUGotaGift’s Happy You multi-brand gift card being the most popular with businesses and consumers alike. We also learn about Husain’s love of classic cars, their heritage and the Porsche community.

“Conversations, now, are not about what a gift card is, but what you can do with them”

” We discovered that the gain was in B2B – for volume and they were ripe for digitalisation”

“The Middle East is a challenge.  Step out of the UAE and you’ve got a very different market. The Middle East has islands and pockets and each market behaves differently, have different cultures and demands and you do business with them in a different way”

“I dare anyone to connect the entire Middle East in one pot!”

You can connect with Husain on LinkedIn here.

Or visit YOUGotaGift’s website here.