Partner Podcast: Significant innovation leading our world and our markets - what's feared, overlooked and having the most impact

An interview with Denis Huré, CEO of Reward The World.

Listen in: A frank, 20 minute explosion of thoughts and muses on how technology is ripping though humanity and changing our world with fear and liberation, simultaneously.

“Technology is about freedom and improving human life”

“Key components have to start with the vision from leaders of companies”

“The most significant innovation in recent years is AI which is a result of 20 to 25 years of learnings. Next is the password-less market and then limitless carbon free energy.”

“The big innovation in our space that is still overlooked and needs maturity is the generation of the new gift card running on the payment rail. There are opportunities for a very compelling product and instant brand approval”

“Blockchain will find their market”

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