Partner Podcast: THE 10 year milestone. A decade of Jigsaw Business Solutions

An interview with Katie Wilkinson, MD, Jigsaw Business Solutions

Our Founder, Hadie, catches up with Katie and her dog once again in this 12 minute podcast!  

Listen In: As an employee and now Managing Director, Katie has watched Jigsaw work with many retailers to launch, manage and grow compelling gift card programmes and as they are about to hit their 10th anniversary, I wanted to hear all about her professional journey and what legacy Jigsaw are creating as an international business of the future.  

We talk about gift card technology, ecommerce, Jigsaw 360 and innovation. Then world domination, employee experiences, recognition and support and eventually defining culture. But it’s her dog (and husband) in the background that once again injects laughter into our conversation.

“Without our people, we don’t have a business or a proposition”

“The industry, technology and our lives are moving so fast, we are determined to keep up and deliver”

”We strive to challenge ourselves to make life easier for ourselves and our clients”

“I’m really proud of the camaraderie amongst our people. One person’s success is another person’s success”