Promocast: With Ed Gieske, CEO at BitCard

An interview with Ed Gieske, Founder and CEO of BitCard

Our founder, Hadie, was pleased to chat to Ed, CEO of BitCard.

Whilst cryptocurrency has had some challenging press recently, it is obvious that consumers are still very driven to get their hands on it. At the time of recording bitcoin was up by 40% as more and more people are using bitcoin as a safe haven outside of financial institutions.

BitCards has established itself as a very safe conduit to buying bitcoin through gift card and are fully integrated with a trust company to ensure the highest level of compliance across the US and Europe.

Ed and Hadie discuss the regulatory landscape and the opportunities for distributors and resellers of bitcoin gift cards.

“Bitcoin is a conversation piece. No one discusses their Walmart or Tesco gift card at the water-cooler’

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