How our Industry can save the World – Part Three: At What Cost? A deep dive into the hidden environmental cost of a physical gift card

Podcast with Graham Lycett from Green Gift Cards

As we continue with raising the awareness of  what our industry can do to slow down Climate Change. Our founder, Hadie, chats to Graham about the wider issues of brands taking on responsibility, recycling and the magnitude of waste humans create.

Graham says, “We as consumers can only buy what is put in front of us – we are too busy or lazy to hunt out greener alternatives, we want the convenience without the guilt. So it’s the brands and retailers burden to present those alternatives to us.

They also need to look at the life cycle cost both monetarily and from an environmental impact point of view – we need a brand to carry out the exercise to determine if a JIT model is better all-round than the current high volume procurement model. And as consumers, if we want to affect the wider greener issues we need to waste less – the statistics for unwanted Christmas gifts of which more than 6% make it to landfill is frightening.”