6 Tips To Succeed At Start-Up Recruiting

The impacts of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has created the perfect opportunity for new startups to emerge and change the landscape of the post-pandemic market. With the entire world moving to a digital-first environment, startups are poised to jump out ahead of established companies that are still trying to catch up with the radical market changes.

The stats don’t lie: In 2021, the United States is the leading country with active startups (82,718). Next is India with 9,876 startups, followed closely by the UK with 5,620 startups registered on the market. The pandemic may have slowed the growth a bit, but now the climate is ripe for new growth.

Not only is startup potential growing in 2021, but there are more recruiting opportunities than ever before as workers look to new opportunities to use their skills and gifts in rewarding startup careers.

Gift Card Recruitment (GCR) know that the third main reason why startups & SMEs fail to survive and grow is down to recruitment. No defined recruitment strategy, no scalable process & poor leadership appointments can sink a new ship.

Is your company ready to take advantage of the opportunities of strong startup recruiting? With these six tips, you can better serve your startup candidates and employees in 2021 – and ensure that your business scales quickly.

6 Ways To Supercharge Your Startup Recruiting

Are you ready to boost your recruitment process for your startup? The answers to finding the best candidates and landing effective team members aren’t difficult –  but they may surprise you!

1. Know Your Recruitment Roles

Before you start looking for the best recruits, you need to make sure you have the right recruiting specialists on your team. When it comes to building a startup hiring process, build a recruiting team that can handle every aspect of the process.

When building a recruitment strategy, make sure you have the following roles in mind:

● Sales Team: Those who will make sales and drive your revenue.
● Marketing Members: Individuals who will build your brand awareness and reputation.
● Developers: Those in charge of building an effective website, product and platform for your startup.
● Customer Success: Individuals tasked with helping customers have an incredible experience with your business.

One of the most important roles you should have filled prior to the recruitment process is the Head of Talent. This essential role will be in charge of making sure that you have robust recruiting techniques, and that your startup hiring goes smoothly across departments and roles.

2. Design A Strong Candidate Experience

One way to ensure that you lose high-value recruitment candidates is by putting them through difficult processes. Make sure that a candidate journey is built prior to recruitment. An easy way to boost the experience for candidates is to give them visibility of senior leadership as well as plenty of details about the roles and company culture up front. Make sure they know the investment details, employee value proposition, available benefits, and the rewards and flexibility of working with a startup.

3. Extend The Candidate Experience Into a Robust Employee Journey

Don’t stop the high-level experience with recruitment candidates. Make sure your employee journey with onboarding is designed with employee success and potential in mind.

To build a great employee journey through the recruitment process, consider the following must-haves in the process:

● Visible Leadership On The Team
● A Voice That Is Heard In The Company
● A Safe & Blame-Free Culture
● Little Micro-Management In Daily Roles
● Accountability In Work
● Opportunities For Growth
● Investments In Their Personal Development
● Days Off For Charitable Work or Mental Health
● Ability To Work Remotely

Sound like a lot to accomplish? Task your Head of Talent with the responsibility of making sure that all of these elements are present in your employee journey.

4. Encourage Commitment & Company Loyalty

Once you find high-value candidates and onboard them thought the employee journey, make sure that you communicate the value of commitment and company loyalty. The best way to  help employees find worth and value in their role is to give them the tools to accomplish their goals and give them a why for their job.

Make sure you boost your employee branding with communication tools such as WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom, and more. Give them the tools to work effectively, and then provide them with the engagement and personal employee journey that keeps them engaged with your company as it scales up.

5. Don’t Fear Recruitment Techniques That Bring In Competitor’s Candidates

As your startup business grows, make sure that you continue to move through the recruitment process to stay ahead of the competition. According to research, losing out to competition is one of the top reasons that startups fail. To fight against this, you may need to entice your competitor’s candidates to come over to your startup!

Some competitors have restricted covenants in contracts, and others may wish to see their salaries exceeded to make a move. If your startup is in the position to scale up and is willing to invest in the best candidates, it is always worthwhile to bring over a competitor’s high-quality candidates who have experience and knowledge in the field.

6. Hire & Trust Your Head Of Talent

One reason so many startups fail to succeed in the recruitment process and scale ups is due to a lack of a single role: Head of Talent. Also known as Head of People, this individual is tasked with making sure that every aspect of the candidate recruitment process and employee journey is designed to draw and keep only the best talent.

Startups that depend on their senior leadership to do all the heavy lifting with recruitment often find that they are wasting valuable time and energy on a job that a Head of Talent can do much more efficiently. Startup recruitment is a specialist game and deserves specialist treatment!

Build Your Recruitment Strategy & The Right Candidates Will Come

When it comes to building and scaling your startup, you need to know that your recruitment process and employee journey is working for you – and not the other way around.

By taking the right steps and putting the right people in place, you can design a recruitment strategy for a startup that will naturally draw the best candidates. Word of mouth travels fast, so let your satisfied candidates and employees be your primary recruitment specialists!

At GCR Solutions we work with senior leadership teams of SME’s and start-up’s to enable them to scale and grow to minimise selection errors & recruitment costs.

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