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By Lucy Allen of Trifecta

You may or may not already know, but Hadie, Founder of The Gift Club has partnered with me, Lucy Allen at Trifecta consulting to extend the support to all her members, subscribers, but also the open market. This enhancement covers three areas. Recruitment, Employee Benefits matching service and public sector procurement. So how does this help you?

Retained Recruitment

Let’s talk about recruitment first. Trifecta offers retained recruitment, a targeted candidate search designed to match the perfect candidate for your needs. We also incorporate the additional skills for the future vision of the business into the search, whilst ensuring the perfect harmonisation with your culture and values to maximise success. This is a proactive service, taking your requirements to market, an active search for the perfect candidate with competitor analysis and feedback as we go. With over a decade of experience, a degree in Psychology and thousands of interviews under my belt, my aim is to bring a high level, robust service to you at an affordable price.

Internal Recruitment Training

Trifecta can also support your business by upskilling your existing employees to further enhance their knowledge when recruiting. Growth is determined by the people you hire and yet we do not update their skills in this area, now or possibly ever. As a professional recruiter with over 10 years’ experience, I can train your employees in all areas of the recruitment process. Show them the tips and tricks of a professional recruiter and share with you the wisdom gained from years of studying psychology, for less than the cost of a single recruit you could upskill your employees in an area guaranteed to provide sustainable growth.

Employee Benefits Matching Service

Trifecta offers an Employee Benefits matching service. The service works for businesses who have no benefits in place or are looking to re-engineer their existing benefits. This is a whole of market, truly objective process which, after a full internal analysis of requirements, seeks to match the perfect benefits with the businesses culture and needs. It includes a 360 review of what you have, or are looking to achieve. The investigation of the marketplace, to find a selection of providers matching the criteria. Managing the provider presentations and contract negotiation, through to assisting with the marketing pre and post launch before handing over the project to the client.

Let’s book some time for an initial meeting. It’s an initial discovery conversation, just to see where I can help your business or just to talk and have a coffee. You can book some time with me through the GCR website or directly with me through LinkedIn.


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