The Pros and Cons of AI in Recruitment

By Jamie Norrington of Fidaris


The world of AI is ever growing, and the introduction of ChatGPT has piqued the interest of a few people in the recruitment world. As an industry that is looking to become more efficient in its working, technology is undoubtedly going to play a huge part in it. So with this in mind, here is our take on the pros and cons of AI in recruitment.

The Pros

Helps To Automate High Volume Tasks

Recruiters both internal and external are seeing a rise in hiring, even with redundancies across some of the largest tech companies in the world. The expectation is that recruitment teams will still need to stay the same size, leading to a need to be more efficient in their process.

AI from a recruitment perspective therefore could allow recruiters to automate some tasks including writing job adverts, screening resumes, shortlisting, sending out interview tasks or even scheduling interviews.

Standard Job Matching

 Standard and quality of hire is a key KPI for most recruiters, however, it can be quite hard to track. With an emphasis from HR in particular on retention, the “quality of hire” metric is only being pushed more and more into the spotlight.

The promise of AI for improving the quality of hires comes from standard job matching, pairing both skills for the role and personality traits. The idea behind this is that if you are able to match someone more closely, then this should produce a happier employee and reduce staff turnover.

The Cons

It Requires A Lot Of Data

In a more general sense AI requires a lot of data, and thought process in order to maximise its potential and mimic the human intelligence side. The time investment upfront is high, and could be off putting to some companies who are looking to weave it into their workflow.

It Is Still Very New

Even though the idea of AI has been bound round for a number of years, it is still very new. And with this there is a lot of scepticism around its effectiveness and how it can support those in a recruitment setting be that internal or external.

Over time this may change, and will definitely need more adopters to somewhat reassure those in key roles that it is worth the time and monetary investment.

The Verdict

What are our thoughts?

We are very much a forward thinking consultancy, so the introduction of new technology is not something we would shy away from, and would encourage others not too as well. With this being said, there is a lot of work to be done to mimic the personal touch you get from using an external recruiter, or even from those in internal roles.

So in short, yes we are all for the use of AI and would love to see more applications utilising it as its a powerful tool.

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