The Virtuous Circle of Customer and Employee Experience

“The fastest way to get customers to love your brand is to get employees to love their jobs.” Tiffani Bova, Salesforce.

Around 76 per cent of revenue growth leaders place the employee experience as one of their top priorities over the next three years, according to Salesforce’s latest survey of US-based executives across several different sectors. These executives know the truth – that higher revenue growth and better customer experience are inextricably linked to how your employees feel about working for you. The happier your teams are, the happier your customers.

Your employees are an extension of your business at all times and are often the only interface customers have with you. If they are disengaged this will reflect on the service you are able to deliver. If you, however, create a staff of passionate advocates for your brand, then this will excite and attract customers.

The Key Findings of Salesforce’s Research:

89 per cent of leaders confirm the link between improved employee experience and positive customer experience.

• “Revenue growth is linked to high employee experience (EX), regardless of customer experience (CX) prioritization. Companies that have both high EX and CX see almost double the revenue growth as those that do not.

• Seventy per cent of executives agree that improved EX leads to improved CX, which in turn leads to rapid revenue growth.

• Fifty-two per cent of executives disagree that fast revenue growth leads to high EX. There is no “virtuous circle.”

• EX and CX leaders disagree on the biggest obstacle to improving CX and EX. Forty-one per cent of CX leaders say the main problem is a lack of shared senior management vision. Forty-three per cent of EX leaders say employees are resisting cultural change.

• Forty per cent of executives say that creating teams that combine EX and CX skills is the best way to overcome cultural obstacles.”

It’s also important to recognise that this cause and effect doesn’t go both ways. Increased revenue does not always equate to happier employees. The way to overcome this is to build a culture that focuses on both employee and customer experience as symbiotic. Even if customers are buying your products for now at the expense of employee experience, this won’t last long as attrition will increase and loyalty will plateau and even fall. Eventually, this will hit your customers and then your bottom line.

The Companies Getting the Balance Right

Apple is a prime example of an organisation that creates such a compelling employee experience, that people are chomping at the bit to get work at the tech giant.
Senior leader open-door policies, brand kudos and a focus on innovation are at the heart of a brand that so many people are so loyal to.

Patagonia is another example of a popular brand getting it right with on-site childcare and a policy that insists staff must surf when the waves are good during work hours are examples of the inclusive and trusting environment they are fostering.

Customer and employee loyalty are all about positive experiences, whether that’s consistent and high-quality products and services, or extra benefits and incentives. Both groups want much of the same thing; to be valued and cared for.



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