Press Release: SELP Digital Partners With SoLoyal To Form First-Of-Its-Kind Loyalty Solution

PARIS, 2 November 2023 – Today, global gift card processor, SELP Digital, announces a brand-new partnership with loyalty aggregator, SoLoyal. Together, they will have the tools to bring a unique, full-service loyalty and customer engagement solution to the retail space. 

Initially launching across North America and Europe, this new offering sets SELP apart to make them the only processors to actively drive sales engagement for loyalty purposes. 

Whilst SELP will manage the issuance and monitoring of new loyalty programs, SoLoyal will provide a consumer facing platform that offers direct customer communication and a robust wallet solution. As a partnership, this creates the facilitation of the standard gift card, eCode or prepaid program, with an added retail value of personalised customer engagement. 

Paul Sessego, CEO of SELP Digital, S.a.S., said: “The SELP Digital team is very pleased to expand our portfolio of innovative solutions which are designed to effectively facilitate sales growth for brands. This exciting partnership with SoLoyal is the very definition of collaboration – combining unprecedented cutting-edge technology with unique features to create a most robust customer engagement and loyalty solution, unlike any other in the market!”

The SoLoyal platform has two main functions – to monitor a consumer’s individual loyalty footprint and to communicate updates via personalised messages. End users of SELP Digital’s loyalty programs will sign up to the tool and add the card or account details for every loyalty program that they are a participant of to their secure wallet. From this point onwards, the SoLoyal platform will become a one-stop-shop for that customer to see and manage their ongoing loyalty across every brand. 

To create further engagement, SoLoyal’s automated technology will share proactive messages relating to spend status, available and upcoming rewards, and tier level information. The expected result of this will see SELP-run programs producing higher than average engagement levels.  

Oren Berdichevsky, Co-Founder & CEO of SoLoyal Ltd., said: “SoLoyal’s unprecedented integration-less technology means that brands can go live on our platform within days and start experiencing high-impact results immediately, all while expending exactly zero technical resources. This is a game-changer for brands looking to reduce the cost of loyalty member acquisition and rapidly increase customer LTV and retention in their loyalty programs. In addition to helping brands, SoLoyal saves consumers thousands of dollars (or euros) annually in points and rewards that would normally be lost to expiration. We are proud to partner with SELP in order to bring this unique solution to market.”

Despite only forming in 2020, SoLoyal have expanded rapidly to host thousands of global and local brand connections within their platform, making them a desirable partner to complement SELP’s own growth and development. The solution will roll out globally in 2024.

About SELP Digital

Global headquarters in Paris, France—with a division in Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

At SELP Digital our mission is to deliver innovative, customized solutions for businesses and powerful payment tools for people. We combine 60 years of industry experience with superior technology to help brands solve business needs and increase revenue by employing exceptional prepaid tools that effectively address Customer engagement, loyalty, rewards and prepaid solutions.



About SoLoyal

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel

SoLoyal is the world’s only platform where consumers discover, join, and track hundreds of loyalty programs. SoLoyal automatically keeps track of your points, nights, miles, and status from any loyalty program so you never miss rewards. For brands, SoLoyal drives new loyalty member acquisition and engagement through its unique and innovative integration-less platform.

For more information, please contact Karice Moore-Hill, SELP Digital.


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