The Growth of Employee Incentive and Corporate Gift Cards in Poland

Companies across Poland are following the trend of other major global brands and boosting employee satisfaction with new incentives. Are incentives and corporate gift cards the benefit of the future?


Recent news out of corporations in Poland has seen the rise in a unique industry: gift cards. One of the leading reasons that gift cards are increasing in popularity in the country may not be due to gift-giving but rather corporate benefit trends shifting.

As companies seek the most high-quality candidates to fill their ranks, they need to offer increasingly competitive benefits, driving many to find new, creative ways to lure in top recruits.

One way to ensure that a potential hire accepts your offer and stays for the long haul? With corporate incentives – including gift cards.

Grzegorz Mucha, Managing Director from digital payment provider,  Digital Reload, commented “The Polish electronic gift card market has been growing for the last 15 years – prior to that we had only paper vouchers and a very limited number of stores used electronic gift cards.

During the pandemic, the mass purchase of sport benefits cards has been hit by gyms being closed and social and corporate gifting has become a way of showing appreciation to partners and employees. Also many retail brands had no choice but to sell online where electronic gift cards were a perfect sales and promotional tool for any gifting occasion during the year. However corporate gift cards are more and more popular and the companies using gift cards as benefits are switching from specific branded gift cards to open gift cards, giving more opportunities for choice, e.g. MULTIKARTA 7 zyczen.

There is one more invention that is coming to the Polish market soon – charity gift cards – which can be a tool for companies’ CSR activities as well as a great social tool for companies and individuals.”

The Importance Of Employer Brand For Polish Companies

One of the driving factors behind companies moving to a corporate incentive gift card model is the rising importance of an employer brand.

For companies of any size and industry, having a strong brand is a no-brainer. Ensuring that you are relating to your customers and reaching your target audience is key to landing sales and keeping long-term consumer relationships. However, many companies invest in their outward marketing to the detriment of their inward marketing.

With an employer brand, companies create a strategy by which they invest back into their employees with benefits, company culture, and rewards for loyal service or hard work. In Poland, companies are learning that building a strong company brand is essential for keeping top-tier employees in an increasingly competitive market.

One of the best ways that Polish companies are finding to build an employer brand? With corporate incentive gift cards.

The Power Of The Gift Card

Of the industries to thrive in the COVID-19 pandemic year of 2020, nobody expected the gift card industry to grow. Yet, despite all odds, gift card sales in Poland grew during the pandemic – and grew beyond analyst’s expectations! Consider this report from the Global Gift Card Survey:

According to the Q4 2020 Global Gift Card Survey, the gift card industry in Poland is expected to grow by 11.7% on an annual basis to reach US$ 1478.1 million in 2021.

These states show that companies in Poland are increasingly investing money into gift cards as a potential benefit that can help them find and land the best employees – and keep them around for years to come.

What Are Employee Incentive Cards?

While similar to the gift cards you may have exchanged at holidays, companies offer corporate gift cards or employee incentive cards to their employees as an extra benefit to their employment.

As employees become increasingly interested in the benefits and culture that a business offers, more companies are looking for ways to lure in top recruits with unbeatable benefits and incentives.

With corporate gift cards and incentive cards, employees can enjoy exclusive access to premier locations, dining, shopping, excursions, and more just for being a part of a particular company.

The result? Higher employee satisfaction and better long-term team member results.

Consider studies of what employees look for in a company. While good pay and a chance to rise through the ranks are great, the benefits to one’s daily life and the culture that one works in every day take precedence over other decision factors.

This has forced companies to pivot from offering pay information alone in a recruitment conversation and moving toward a holistic sales pitch that includes all aspects of the work-life balance.

Add in a gift card that offers exclusive discounts or access to benefits? You are more likely to land a long-term candidate that sees your company as interested in investing in its employee’s life and well-being.

Poland’s Most Popular Employee Gift Card Benefit? Sports Cards!

One way that companies in Poland are rewarding their employees and boosting their recruitment efforts is through what is known as a MultiSport Card. These gift cards, similar to an employee incentive card, give employees of companies access to a variety of sports facilities and outdoor adventures across Poland.

The types of activities that employees can enjoy with their sports card include:

● Martial Arts Classes
● Access To Summer Swimming Pools
● Dance Classes.
● Salt Chambers
● Ice Rinks
● Climbing Walls
● Rope Parks
● Outdoor Excursions

The list continues to grow as the lucrative partnerships between sporting companies and Poland businesses grow tighter. Don’t be shocked to see the number of companies offering gift cards as employee incentives continue to grow across the board.

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