Do you want to truly make a difference through wellbeing?

By Healthy Minds Club


Are you interested in embedding a wellbeing, ESG or Diversity & Inclusion strategy to truly make a difference to your workforce and understand how embedding a wellbeing employee strategy translates into exceptional business performance?

Healthy Minds Club is a Well-Tech company offering the first personalised, proactive positive mental health & wellbeing platform & Gift Card. We connect our users with highly qualified, screened, and vetted experts, products & services to prevent issues from happening in the first place, nipping issues in the bud or helping users to achieve important wellbeing & lifestyle goals.

We connect our customers with the appropriate expert (or experts) to support them in building their personalised positive mental health and wellbeing goals. One size doesn’t fit all so our gift card empowers our customers to build a personalized wellbeing plan. Our more than 45 experts currently range from Psychotherapists (focussed on positive psychology), Counsellors, Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Meditation, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and Yoga Experts and we keep on growing with Sophrologists, Mindfulness Coaches and Leadership Coaches. Each Expert has been selected with alignment to our mission & vision, is highly qualified & reputable for their sector and fully insured.

We are excited to announce that we will be including Financial Wellbeing, Menopause & Resilience Coaching in our categories in the very near future!

Our proposition drives resilience, happiness and enables our customers to thrive in their personal & professional lives through implementing a holistic wellbeing lifestyle.

For employers, this offers huge benefits with reduced costs from reduced sickness, absence and churn leading to increased engagement, productivity and ultimately business performance. Also, what are the benefits of having a wellbeing strategy as part of your company’s strategic goals, with the alignment with ESG, Diversity & Inclusion & general HR strategies?
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