BitCard® brings crypto to the gift card market with safe, easy customer journey

BitCard® is the internationally recognised standard for Bitcoin-based gift cards. Since 2018, we’ve made Bitcoin gift cards a safe, easy, and fun experience. We now digitally service over 160 countries, with physical cards coming to many locations across Europe and the USA in 2023.

Known as “The Bitcoin Gift Card”, BitCards® allow every customer to get involved in the crypto revolution. Using the traditional gift card network to purchase, buyers are able to easily redeem the USD value of the card against Bitcoin and then keep it in a secure digital environment. From there, users can either store their balance or send their Bitcoin off platform to another Bitcoin wallet. The BitCard® model is suitable for any user – there is no need for an expert understanding of cryptocurrencies, and it’s a safe way to dabble in the crypto world.

The marked movement towards the use of crypto for everyday purposes means that demand for easy access and management is on a positive trajectory, especially with younger generations. More and more brands are now considering how they can offer the benefits of crypto to their audience via employee and customer reward programs, gift card malls, and wholesale catalogues.

What makes BitCard® special?

BitCard® is the only legitimate crypto gift card that can be purchased in volume. It’s true that some exchanges will also offer gift cards, but these tend to be used for one-time campaigns or will be limited in their redemption quantity. The difference with BitCard® is that users can buy/redeem as many cards as they like. Minimum purchase starts as low as $20 and caps at $500 per card. Standard gift card regulations require any user looking to buy more than $10,000 worth per day to be registered as a business customer.

We also pride ourselves on our security measures and our ease of use.

Safety and security

We utilise bank-grade security with offline cold storage for digital assets. All customer USD funds are held in custodial accounts at an FDIC insured financial institution and covered up to the FDIC insurance limit. These custodial accounts are granted following a simple verification process (KYC) that requires proof of identity. Once an account is set up and compliant in the customer’s name, they are the sole legal owner and stored funds cannot be moved without explicit authorization from that person.

Ease of use

Consumers can buy BitCards® online and soon in-store via well-loved big brand names. Businesses are able to purchase in bulk via a range of distributors around the globe.

Recipients then follow our super simple three-step redemption process: Create an account, validate a gift card, and redeem it. Their crypto is then stored in their very own custodial account (digital wallet) that can be tracked via the BitCard® platform.


Four reasons to add BitCard® gift cards to your gift card mall, reward program, or wholesale catalogue

1)   Meet the demand

A modern, gifting and self-gifting card that is easy and safe to use across 160+ countries.

2)   Robust liquidity

By definition, liquidity is a measure of the supply and demand of an asset. I.e., how easily it can be converted into ready cash without affecting its market price. The more liquidity available, the more stable that asset should be. Bitcoin is easy to liquidate due to its popularity, especially at a time when other cryptocurrencies are in crisis.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges that offer gift cards limit the number of redemptions per calendar year, whereas the BitCard® model allows a more advantageous approach. All customer fiat funds (USD, GBP, EUR etc.) are held securely in FDIC insured institutions, ready for redemption at any time, regardless of when the BitCard® was received. In effect, this means that we can offer unlimited redemptions and unlimited Bitcoin.

3)   Available as both digital and physical cards

Providing ultimate flexibility in how to buy and how to gift. Whatever the occasion, there’ll also be a card design to suit.

4)   You can make money from it

We offer an industry leading incentive that allows you to benefit from wholesale prices, earn commission on every sale, and offer a product that differentiates you from your competition.

For retailers, all gift cards are a proven driver of additional foot traffic into physical stores, and Bitcoin-related products in particular are shown to propel repeat purchase over and over again.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is used to digitally transfer monetary value. It can be converted into other cryptocurrencies or traditional fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR etc.), or it can increasingly be used for direct payment for just about anything. Whilst previously thought of as only suitable for large investments, cryptocurrencies are now very much established in the mainstream with global brands announcing its acceptance.

In fact, in 2021, Bitcoin surpassed PayPal in terms of volume processed* (avg. $489 billion per quarter vs $302 billion). Approximately one billion people around the world used cryptocurrencies in 2022 and there are now more than 250,000 confirmed transactions of Bitcoin daily**.

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