Gifting That Gives Back

By Georgia Hosking of TCN Payments


Exchanging gifts at its core is a wonderful thing but like everything it’s nuanced. It’s wrapped up in fear of your giftee not liking the present, decision fatigue, and waste.

Finding the intersection between giving them something personal that they’ll love, navigating the time to buy a gift, ensuring that it contributes to the destruction of our planet AND that looks after your hip pocket is a lot to ask for. However, we know there are solutions out there that the gift card world is pioneering to solve the all-consuming conundrum of gift buying at Christmas and all year round. We, The Card Network (TCN) are leading the charge in this space.

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At a time when sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, buying gifts at Christmas can feel overwhelming. TCN is leading the way in providing products that not only endeavour to look after the planet but are gifts that are meaningful to the consumer.

TCN prints approximately six million physical gift cards per year, this considers our entire range of tangible gift cards, stocked in major grocery channels such as Coles, Woolworths, Target, Coles Express, Big W and 7/11. Unfortunately, the majority of these PVC cards end up in landfill. Theoretically, these PVC cards are recyclable but practically and due to human error, they are rarely recycled and end up in landfills.

In line with our suppliers and partners’ ambitions to be more sustainable, TCN has identified and piloted with our physical gift card stock to be produced from 100% biodegradable paper based, FSC approved, composable to EN standard.

While a sustainable option doesn’t alleviate all the gifting giving anxieties it certainly pacifies the nagging guilt associated with buying products that require mountains of packaging. Find out more here.

An Alternative

 Digital gift cards are the answer for a more sustainable option, but they can feel quite impersonal. That’s why TCN have designed solutions that have personalisation at the core of digital gifting. We offer 100 e-gift card brands to consumers seeking more environmentally friendly gifting options along with solutions to solve the personalisation debate like:

  • Custom cards- designed by you
  • Video messaging
  • Unique digital unboxing experiences
  • 150+ gift cards to choose from

Industry Based Gift Cards

Giving back can come in a multitude of ways and that’s why TCN created a range of products that is full proof with your giftee and fantastic for Australian industries. There’s no arguing that it has been a tough couple of years and may continue to be in years to come. That’s why back in 2019, through strategic partnerships with industry bodies, we offered a range of content like no other to drive our loyal customers to Australian venues with The Restaurant Card, The Pamper Card, The Pub & Bar Card, and The Cinema Card.

  • The Pamper Gift Card– supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation by donating a portion of all sales back to NBCF
  • The Pub & Bar Gift Card– is the official partner of the Australian Hotels Association, driving customers into their venues, commission free.
  • The Cinema Gift Card– supports Entertainment Assist by donating a portion of all online sales back to Entertainment Assist.
  • The Restaurant Gift Card– is the official partner of the Restaurant and Catering Association, driving customers into their venues, commission free.

These cards are a direct injection back into their respective industries. Our partnerships acknowledge the importance of supporting the Australian economy at a time of such unease. Gifting one of these cards is a great way to feel your money is going somewhere that needs it, while also gifting someone a wonderful experience at one of the many amazing Australian venues this card is accepted at.

Providing a gift card that makes the customer feel just as good giving it as their giftee does receiving is a driving force at TCN. That’s why we’re continuously creating content that satisfies our customers and is at the forefront of everything we do. Christmas can be a time of profound stress, it’s our hope these offerings will deter some of these feelings and make the Holiday Season a joyous one.

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