The Evolution of Work – An infographic of what to expect

Many watched with genuine awe as large and small businesses alike sent an incredible 88 per cent of their workers home (Gartner, 2020) in an unprecedented move and act of trust by employers. Suddenly, the very core of how businesses operated was being transformed, attempting a tricky balance between safety, operations, employee welfare and of course, technology.

For many organisations, they already had much of the technological infrastructure in place. They just didn’t really use it beyond a certain stress point. Suddenly, rather than a handful of employees working from home at once, or only a marginal majority opting for video chat, the lockdown thrust everyone into the digital world.

Well, all this is great, of course, but employers need to be careful they don’t sit back and relax too much. There are some critical investments that need to be made to ensure working from home continues to be a success.

Here is what to expect::


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