Evolution of the template: How AI writing technology can take the tedium out of HR tasks

By Tom McGregor, CTO at InspireMe.AI


In 2021, natural language processing (NLP) artificial intelligence (AI) burst onto the digital marketing technology scene helping marketers and entrepreneurs spin up blog articles in seconds. Yes, AI can now take on the tedious task of writing long form articles for you. The challenge of content marketing was low hanging fruit for this type of AI writing technology. Many copywriting apps have found a place helping marketing teams of large and small companies write product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions, blog Ideas, titles and even full articles.

In the space of human resources, writing tasks are frequent, time consuming and perhaps often mundane. HR communications come in many forms of written documents including:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Internal Letters
  • Company Newsletters
  • Policies
  • Welcome Letters
  • Benefits / rewards and recognition

At InspireMe.AI, we took on the task of developing a niche technology that uses AI writing technology to help HR and managers with the often difficult task of writing great messages of recognition. We provide this technology as an easy-to-integrate API that can be added to any rewards and recognition platform. You can try our latest demo here (no login required).


Testing AI on HR Writing Tasks


Recently we’ve been wondering how AI writing may help as a HR technology and so we tested a few concepts for this article:

Writing a job description is a frequent task for HR professionals. Essentially the art of writing a job description is to communicate the essential requirements of the role accurately, while also promoting the “what’s in it for me” for the prospective employee especially in terms of culture, benefits and excitement.

The latest natural language processing AI technology is remarkable in that it does not require specific training. It is broadly adept at understanding various writing contexts and language in general terms. Provided that the instructions and inputs are carefully engineered, the AI generated text can be remarkably good – human level writing. In addition, if you have a particular example of text in the writing style that your company prefers, then the AI can be “trained” to mimic this style.

The video below shows how AI is able to tackle the task of writing an introduction for a job description


To follow on from a job description, once a candidate is hired it is necessary for HR to prepare a  new employee welcome letter. The video below shows how AI can utilise just a few pieces of information to create a well crafted welcome letter


Inspiration not automation


AI is not here to dehumanise HR, but to augment it by inspiring faster, smarter and more productive processes. Instead of creating from scratch, let’s admit it – we often search for templates. We can think of AI writing as being a tool for dynamic personalised template generation. With AI writing tools, you can focus more on the accuracy of the document as opposed to the tedium of writing it in the first place.

If you would like to find out more about how AI writing technology could be used in your HR / employee recognition applications, we’d welcome you to book a demo with us here.


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