What is RewardsBy from Merit Incentives?

Remember the first time you got an unexpected gift for being the most loyal customer? Or getting a corporate reward for being the one to bring the most innovation into the company you are working for? It’s a no-brainer that such things are genuinely memorable for everyone. RewardsBy believes that more people deserve to experience such a strong sense of belonging and recognition.

To reward or not to reward?

According to numerous psychological surveys and economical research, not only do employees work for compensation and benefits, but they also subconsciously strive for getting recognition and appreciation in their workplace. It is pretty understandable, since a human is a social creature, and we all want to be recognised by the community we belong to. Corporate gifts are also most applicable if we happen to talk about customer retention or mending relations with a partner. We consider it pretty relevant if you are a young startup, which obviously needs to get as much positive feedback as possible and establish great relations inside a company.

Being a gifted and efficient entrepreneur also means deciding what behaviour to recognise and reward in your working community, and here creating an outline of a winning strategic reward system is worthwhile.

How can we help you?

RewardsBy is happy to help businesses with recognising employee’s achievements, boosting customer loyalty and motivating people worldwide. We consider assisting in sending corporate gifts to be a critical contribution to corporate culture. Our team is passionate about supporting esprit de corps, since it is blindingly obvious that a company is the people who are contributing to its instant development.

Basically, what we are offering to businesses is sending gifts to your employees, customers and partners from any corner of the world. It does make a difference in terms of loyalty, motivation and unity in the company.

The benefits of using our services

  1. RewardsBy is an easy-to-use self-serving Saas tool for rewarding instantly and globally. All you need to do is to sign in, select rewards value and add recipients. Its interface is user friendly, and one doesn’t bother oneself with studying a sophisticated mechanism.
  2. It is a global service accessible from 100+ countries, so a business can send gifts and rewards to every nook and corner of the world without any difficult and time-consuming schemes.
  3. We can boast about the transparency of our service. You pay for the reward not until it is redeemed.
  4. RewardsBy allows for creating wallets for team managers to use gifts as an engaging tool.
  5. We want you to do everything as quickly as possible so that you could dedicate your time to other meaningful things. So, we have done our best to create an efficient and easy-to-use tool for business owners.
  6. Rewards are a great marketing tool as well, and we can create gifts according to your branding strategy.
  7. All in all, we are proud to have developed an efficient tool, which is easy-and-quick-to-use, transparent and user-friendly.

Who can benefit from RewardsBy?

  • Young startups. Small corporate gifts can motivate your employees, who haven’t known you for decades and don’t feel that stable. Apart from that, this is a great tool for increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Companies who are eager to draw customers’ attention one more time to their product and bring a sense of team cohesion to their partners and employees working from all over the world.
  • Gifted marketing directors willing to send a gift from time to time.

Why is RewardsBy relevant in the current situation?

According to Allan Schweyers’s recent research, businesses all over the globe are facing the harsh reality of high inflation rate caused by the Russia-Ukrainian war. It’s blindingly obvious that raising salaries will inevitably lead to economic hardships for the employers, so Allan Schweyers’s suggestion will be to motivate employees by increasing benefits, bonuses, and other rewards.

“Consider rebalancing your incentive system to include more non-cash rewards that are geared to a person’s likes (to trigger feeling) yet novel enough that the recipient’s knowledge of the reward type won’t turn feelings into calculation.”

By giving your employees, partners and customers non-cash rewards you let them know they are valuable for them, even though in the current economic situation you can’t afford a pay rise or a discount, for example. Apart from that, it helps you mend relations and display your personalised approach to managing your business.

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