My VIP Rewards expand their offering to help employers to support parents in the workplace

By Maddy Alexander-Grout of My VIP Rewards


My VIP Rewards started out as a benefit offering discounts to help employees to save money on their everyday spending, with a huge focus on supporting small independent businesses across the UK as well as providing high street, days out, and fitness discounts, but Founder Maddy has a very strong why and wanted to bring in her personal experiences to what My VIP Rewards offers to expand the offering.

Approximately 68% of UK women and 57% of men with mental health problems are parents.

This shocking statistic as well as Maddy’s personal story got her thinking about parents in the workplace and how hard it is when you don’t have support as a parent.

There are 4 billion parents globally, why are they not a priority to employers?

Fewer than one in 5 of new mums return to the workplace after having children, if more employers supported them and gave them a tool to support their journey would this change?

Maddy wanted to find out!

After running a parenting forum on Facebook for the last 6 years Maddy has developed a network of parenting businesses and parenting specialists.

Maddy knew firsthand how awful it was going back to work as a parent, and how little support there is out there for parents, not just mums, dads as well.

The first year after having her son, Maddy suffered with her mental health. She was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and birth trauma and later postnatal depression.

She wanted to help parents to get support but also help employers to support their parent employees.

She had the idea to launch Parenthood App, with expert advice as well as peer-to-peer advice, parent product recommendations, podcast, blogs and videos from parents and industry specialists.

Parenthood app supports parents with everyday issues such as sleep, wellbeing, mental health, potty training, teenagers, toddlers and loneliness. But also helps parents to meet people locally to them with similar interests or struggles.

With over 40 parenting specialists on hand in the app to help when parents need it the most, the app even has a dedicated group for advertising vacancies to parents and back-to-work support.

My VIP Rewards now offer a full employee benefits package including employee discounts for high street stores, independent retailers, days out and fitness, EAP , Will writing, parenting and menopause support. With the option to add or remove parts to suit the needs of the employer.

Not every employee is the same, they all have very different needs and employers are looking for ways to support their employees more in their everyday lives.

Parents are a big part of the world of work. By including benefits that are parent-specific, you will not only be more attractive as an employer to parents when recruiting but you are also giving support to your existing employees.

Prices start at £4.99 per month per employee with no minimum employee numbers, also available as a member benefit or customer reward.

For more information on prices and packages visit My VIP Rewards.


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