Deadline Extended to Friday 8th October for your Loyalty Soap Box submissions. Get blogging!

We are running a “Free For All Loyalty Soap Box” in October.  This means anyone can submit a short article or comment about a particular subject and every piece of work will be published in The Gift Club Newsletter and shared on our social platforms. Free personal PR and you don’t have to be associated with a corporate membership!

We just LOVE how The Gift Club gets people talking and sharing their thoughts,  passions and ideas about the global Gift Card, Incentive and Loyalty industry.

It isn’t always about self or company promotion, but about education, insight and awareness.

For this Soap Box we would like to hear your thoughts on the “2022 Loyalty Landscape.”

And before you shy away or leap at this awesome opportunity, here are a few things to consider, that we have learnt from our members and contributors:

Loyalty is about the emotional connection, relevance, the personalisation, consistency and rewards.

It needs to be smart and agile, mutually beneficial, innovative, tech focused AND physically appealing.  Loyalty has to charm every type of customer.

BUT if we were a brand or corporate company we’d be scratching our heads and asking these BIG questions…

  • What works?
  • Is it too big an investment?
  • Are there simple ways to start a loyalty programme?
  • Do I need big budgets to reward staff these days?
  • Do personalised rewards create loyalty in my workplace?
  • What will we, as an airline and travel agency, do to incentivise repeat business when Covid Fit to Fly tests deplete? Can we plan for this?
  • Are subscription models the best solution for my type of consumer?
  • Can a paid retail loyalty card really lock my customers in when there is so much choice?

It is a minefield!

We don’t know the answers and that’s why we want as many people as possible to take part in our “Free For All Loyalty Soap Box” in October, to help answer these questions for some of our retail, travel and HR followers.

You just need to write a few words from (20 – 350) entitled:

Your 2022 vision of the loyalty landscape

and we’ll publish every comment / quote / paragraph in one of our October fortnightly newsletters.

With a changing world in travel, consumer behaviour and employee needs, anyone in our space will have something relevant to say about what loyalty will look like in the future so don’t be shy.

What do you have to say? What are your predictions? Do you have controversial thoughts? Share them with us!

Be published and generate some free personal PR.

Closing date is midnight on Friday the 8th of October.

Email our Founder, with “2022 Loyalty Landscape” in the subject line.


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