The TCC Campaign Portal: a world first in loyalty By Matthew Betes, Corporate Marketing Director

The grocery retail industry is facing an imposing wave of challenges. Covid-19 has altered the way shoppers behave. Online players have entered the market to disrupt traditional grocery formats. And a nascent global recession is forcing many players into price wars.

Now more than ever before, shoppers have a belief that they can help to make big changes to the world by how they shop and the choices they make

They expect more from food retailers because they can make more of a difference than most other retailers. So the more a retailer can connect with the things that are important to shoppers, the more successful they’ll be.​

That’s why we created the tcc Campaign Portal.

​A world first in loyalty

​Launching on Thursday 22nd October, the tcc Campaign Portal is a new, exclusive digital platform, built and operated by tcc. It allows us to work with our retail partners in a fully collaborative, interactive, virtual environment.

​Retail partners using the tcc Campaign Portal will have the most comprehensive view of the inputs and outcomes of their loyalty activities than ever before. They will be able to design a campaign in one place, alongside loyalty specialists from tcc, all the way from initial shopper insights to store design and execution.

​What’s more, the tcc Campaign Portal allows grocery retailers to explore instore activations in a fully functional 3D store environment – a world first in loyalty campaign design. From point of sale to banners and campaign displays, our retail partners will be able to explore how a campaign inhabits their stores from every angle.

​Innovation for better loyalty campaigns

We know the most effective loyalty campaigns are the ones driven by customer insight and the understanding of shopper wants and needs. Now more than ever, retailers are under pressure to align their proposition to fast-changing shopper behaviour. In uncertain times, loyalty is driven by more than convenience and price alone. It’s driven by customer values – their ethical beliefs and concerns which continue to be perpetuated by the pandemic.

This is where innovation in loyalty technology becomes crucial – the tcc Campaign Portal will enable retailers to understand the sentiment of shoppers, helping them respond in real-time by incorporating deep insights from the very start of a campaign.

The insights which technology can grant retailers can be the deciding factor in the success of a campaign. A major benefit of merging loyalty technology with the rest of the marketing function is the opportunity to really know your customers and create truly personalised experiences.

From predicting behaviours to encouraging brand advocacy, innovating loyalty technology levels up the immersion experience for shoppers, meaning your brand story is delivered such that they wouldn’t want to shop with a competitor again.

Retail partners working with tcc will be able to create loyalty campaigns that are more sustainable, more meaningful, and more effective.

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The tcc Campaign Portal is a world first. It is a unique piece of proprietary technology that presents a true breakthrough moment in loyalty. Collaboration and interactivity intertwining to create market-leading loyalty campaigns in the world of grocery.

And we want to show you more.

The only way to secure your session in the tcc Campaign Portal, and to see the advantages it can bring to your loyalty campaigns, is by contacting your local tcc team.

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