Covid and Consequences On customer

Positive engagement and interaction with consumers can seem increasingly elusive as the pandemic drives new customer behaviour and exposes new priorities. What do customers want? Personalization is a given. And so is connection that offsets isolation; facts to clear out the fog of misinformation; and intellectual adventure in lieu of the physical activities no longer possible in wide-spread quarantines. People are turning once more to the news sources they trusted from decades past. Magazines like TIME and Forbes are resurfacing in the public consciousness in a way we haven’t seen for decades. As the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s Nic Newman writes in his preface to the 2020 Digital News Report“journalism matters and is in demand again.”

Experts like Northwestern University’s professor of Integrated Marketing and Communications Candy Lee are telling us that the COVID-19 pandemic is shifting what creates long-term loyalty in customers.

“I think trust is established in a variety of ways,” Dr. Lee muses. “Being able to give content that is engaging to the reader that says, ‘this is something that I know you want’ is important.”

eMags Rewards provides companies with a way to meet their customers in this historic moment in time. Born from the desire to merge the best of its kind digital reader technology of its parent company, eMagazines, with a stellar rewards model, eMags Rewards lets you benefit from our established relationships with our magazine publisher partners. Our digital platform allows a company to gift their customer or employee with the print content they already love, and which data suggests they want more than ever, beautifully displayed on your mobile device or tablet. You’re earning a smile every time your client or employee receives a new magazine. And the cost to the company can be less than $5 a year.

It’s never been easier to access the industry’s most trusted publications, exactly when they’re needed the most. eMags Rewards lets companies deliver these magazines seamlessly to their customers, maintaining a deep connection sprung from genuinely good intentions and the desire for an authentic relationship. We’ll never ask for a credit card from your customer and we only use email addresses for notification of new issues.

When you choose a year-long magazine subscription delivered by eMags Rewards, you’re getting the most innovative digital reader out there. You open the magazine- accessible anywhere in the world with or without an internet connection- and everything you love about the print copy is in your hand, vibrant and beautifully designed to bring you enlightenment and entertainment. You swipe up or down, left or right, to read the same words or take in the same photos- even marvel at the same advertisements! The content isn’t just reproduced. It’s reinvigorated.

eMags Rewards wasn’t built because of the pandemic, but our purpose has never been more relevant: helping companies connect with their customers or employees in positive, meaningful ways that produce long-lasting relationships grounded in trust.

“Our publishing partners are now more eager than ever to show the public how good print magazines can look in digital format with no pop-ups or other distractions,” eMags Rewards President Larry Nichter says.

The same magazines that have provided accurate reporting, fact-based analysis and scintillating visual content are available to your customers with no strings attached, paving the way for a new dialogue based on positive engagement.

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