The Loyalty Landscape – Olivia Jackson

Olivia Jackson, Senior Account Manager, Eagle Eye

One of the biggest mistakes within loyalty programmes is just that – a contentedness that retailers assume what they have done previously is enough to keep a customer’s loyalty.

​But we are now in a post-COVID digitally focussed world. The landscape has changed. Customers have less patience for mass offers sent weekly. They expect to be identified and rewarded for their loyalty, and they are more aware than ever of the value of their data.

​And suddenly, retailers are in the same place, competing via the same digital channels.

​Those retailers that differentiate themselves with investment, whether by an improved website or great UX app, are building a loyal foundation for the future, whilst also attracting customers who scour for a discount code online, look for a more flexible returns policy or unique product set.

​Retailers should focus on pivoting resources and putting in place changes that customers crave, ensuring they learn from their customers digitally, responding and rewarding with timely, relevant offers or promotions in the inevitable post-pandemic omnichannel world.


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