Meet Julie Leblan, one Co-Founder of Women In Incentives Network

Julie’s Bio

Founder and CEO of MyList & Merit Incentives, Julie Leblan began her career as a solicitor in finance law in Paris and London.

Moving to Dubai in 2010 Julie launched MyList, a B2C gifting company, and Merit Incentives, an innovative B2B technology company.

EY Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in the UAE 2018-2019 and winner at The Incentive Awards in London as Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, Julie was elected in 2020 in the TOP 30 under 40 by The Loyalty Magazine Awards in London.

Julie is based in the United Arab Emirates.

1. How long have you been in the industry?

8 years (feels much longer though!). Following a career as a solicitor, I launched MyList, a B2C gifting website, in Dubai in 2012 and set up our B2B company, Merit Incentives, in 2016.

2. What made you want to co-found WiiN?

Following couple of interactions with various actors of the industry all over the world, I realised that while women were extremely experienced and skilled, their suggestions and inputs were not always heard and most of them felt the need of support to grow in their career. I have always found that working with women is easy, straight forward and very efficient. I contacted other women in the industry and suggested the idea of creating a community for women in incentives and loyalty.

3. Tell us about your wish for WiiN?

WiiN is intended to be a collaborative place for women to collaborate, brainstorm, innovate and empower each other’s. Any woman who would like to grow personally and professionally is welcome to join our community and contribute. Our mentoring program, Mentor & WiiN, is the keystone of our initiative and will be launched early 2021. We will grow by growing others!

4. Why should people join WiiN?

WiiN is a non-profit organisation looking at empowering its members (entrepreneurs, C-levels and managers) and educate our industry leaders (men and women) to adapt and grow women in their careers. Members will benefit from experience of other Members, partners, speakers, and experts associated to the WiiN community.

About WIIN

At WiiN, we are passionate about empowering Women in the incentive and loyalty industry, so much so that we established WiiN, which recently launched and is going strong.

At WiiN we have two distinct membership options. These are: Membership and Associate Membership.

The WiiN membership is aimed at the Female C-suite level, Founder, Owner or similar within the Incentive and Loyalty industry. This is where the super experienced industry guru’s are found.

The WiiN Associate membership is aimed at those ladies who are steadily building their careers within the industry and are passionate about wanting to learn and grow as much as possible. These Associate Members will already have notched up some significant experience and will benefit enormously by joining WiiN.
Members who become a WiiN member in 2020 pay 199€/225$ until the end of 2021, and so benefit from a few free months.

Apply for membership at:


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