WIIN – Meet Rocío Liébana Vinuesa

Rocío’s Bio

Managing Director of RL Consulting, Rocío Liébana Vinuesa has a long-term career in gift cards, product, and partner management.

Working with top tier global retailers, Rocio has an impressive network of agencies and service providers.

Rocio is a board member of the Incentive Marketing Association in Europe and a popular speaker at branded currencies and incentives related conferences including Gift Card & Loyalty Summit, Pay Expo and the Incentive Marketing Association Europe. Rocío is based in Germany.

1. How long have you been in the industry?

It’s going on 14 years now. I began my career in Spain before moving to Germany and running Zalando’s fast-growing European gift card business In Berlin. Working closely with brands in the context of branded currency, it became apparent that even the best brands weren’t aware of the potential that gift cards hold for their revenue. So, in 2017, I decided to put my decade of industry experience into action and founded RL Consulting so as to share my knowledge and network to empower brands to succeed in the context of branded currency. Three years on, we are now a full-service commercial gift card agency, offering leading brands end-to-end management of their gift card programs.

2. What made you want to Co-Find WiiN?

Having spoken to women in this male-dominated industry, it became clear to me and my co-founders that many found it difficult to voice their ideas, which we felt was a great loss to the industry as it meant that it was missing out on innovation from many of its female players. We decided that the incentives industry needed a supportive space in which its leading women could voice bold ideas, in turn, accelerating entrepreneurship and paving the way for future leading women in Incentives.

3. Tell us about your wish for WiiN?

I wish to create a worldwide supportive community. The more we are, the greatest impact we’ll have on our industry!
With our Mastermind Program, I wish to connect with other like-minded women from all over the world to create new business opportunities for our industry and support each others’ professional growth. Additionally, we plan to start a mentorship program to support women wanting to grow into the world of incentives.

4. Why should people join WiiN?

Often, women lack opportunities to focus on their personal growth, build strong networks or reach the next step in their careers. Now, women in the Incentives and loyalty industries have their chance to make their talent visible, be vocal and strive for equality with their male counterparts. WiiN is fast becoming a place for women in our industry to connect, grow and feel inspired.

About WIIN

At WiiN, we are passionate about empowering Women in the incentive and loyalty industry, so much so that we established WiiN, which recently launched and is going strong.

At WiiN we have two distinct membership options. These are: Membership and Associate Membership.

The WiiN membership is aimed at the Female C-suite level, Founder, Owner or similar within the Incentive and Loyalty industry. This is where the super experienced industry guru’s are found.

The WiiN Associate membership is aimed at those ladies who are steadily building their careers within the industry and are passionate about wanting to learn and grow as much as possible. These Associate Members will already have notched up some significant experience and will benefit enormously by joining WiiN.
Members who become a WiiN member in 2020 pay 199€/225$ until the end of 2021, and so benefit from a few free months.

Apply for membership at: membership@wiin.global




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